Friday, February 22, 2008

Clinton Feigns Graciousness, Media Morons Lap It Up

What we've got here is a case of remarkable gullibility, outright stupidity, or media duplicity.

Seriously, how many of you who watched that Democrat debate Thursday night thought Mrs. Clinton was being genuine when she claimed to be honored to be on stage with Barack Obama?

You just know she wants to claw his face off.

There is nothing this contemptible woman won't do to get her way, and there's not a scintilla of doubt in my mind this act was pure political calculation, not to mention desperation.

But of course, this dunce from the Associated Press bought it.
"No matter what happens in this contest — and I am honored, I am honored to be here with Barack Obama," she said at the conclusion of the 90-minute forum. "Whatever happens, we're going to be fine."

It was an unexpectedly gracious moment in a debate that was supposed to be a game changer for Clinton in the run-up to crucial primaries in Texas and Ohio March 4. After losing 11 straight contests to Obama in a race now clearly breaking his way, the former first lady chose the high road and even delivered what sounded to many like the dress rehearsal for a campaign valedictory address.
Unexpected, of course, since this smug, arrogant viper long ago declared she was going to win.

Now that the end is near, looks like there won't be any more stays in the luxury suites at the Bellagio.

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