Friday, February 29, 2008

Chemical Ali to Swing; Shhh! He Used WMD's

The moonbats running the BBC amazingly admit that Iraq had WMD's. This is buried toward the end of their item bemoaning the coming execution of "Chemical Ali". Lookee here: The BBC goes through their usual handwringing about the fate of this scum, as in:
The two men will remain in limbo not knowing whether they are to live or die, says our correspondent.
So? We also remain in limbo not knowing if the BBC will start calling terorrists what they are, which is "terrorists," which a term you never see used in the story. But I digress.

Then the BBC editors get to the meat and potatos.
The regime claimed the Anfal campaign was a necessary counter-insurgency operation during Iraq's bloody eight-year war with neighbouring Iran.

Majid acquired his nickname Chemical Ali during the operation after poison gas was used.
Wow. Here is the BBC, one of the leading practitioners of BDS, admitting by definition that Iraq had and used WMD's. No kidding. Welcome to the party, pal.

Maybe now the BBC can take another step toward reality and inform Barack Obama that Al Qaeda was in Iraq before 9-11.

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