Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dreaded Oilman New Colorado President

Another defeat for the moonbats as the University of Colorado. Poor babies.
Regents of the University of Colorado approved an oilman and former political fundraiser as the system's next president Wednesday, brushing aside opponents' skeptical of his sparse academic credentials.

Critics said Bruce Benson's ties to the energy industry, his Republican activism and his lack of an advanced college degree made him a questionable candidate.

Supporters said Benson could bring the school something it desperately needs: big donations and the ability talk to politicians from both parties about funding for higher education.

After a public hearing, the regents voted 6-3 in favor of Benson, the lone finalist. All six Republican regents backed Benson, and the three Democrats voted against him.

"Now is the time for this university family to come together," Regent Patricia Hayes said.

Benson said he had several meetings ahead with regents, chancellors, students and faculty to build bridges. "Clean slate. Let's go forward," he said.
The same clowns who have no problem with a two-bit fraud like Ward Churchill have the temerity to whine about his supposed lack of academic crednetials.
State House Majority Leader Alice Madden, a Democrat and CU law school graduate, has said Benson would be "the least educated president ever considered in modern history."

About 30 people spoke to the regents during a public hearing Wednesday. Several students asked regents to reconvene a search committee for a president, saying Benson was unqualified. Boulder Faculty Assembly chairman Uriel Nauenberg noted that many peer institutions have presidents who have risen through academia.

"We're not hiring Bruce Benson to go in the classroom to teach," Regent Tom Lucero said.
For people like Madden, it's all political.

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