Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clemens a Real Boob

The legal woes continue to mount for Roger Clemens.
The New York Times reported on Monday that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has drafted a letter recommending that the Justice Department launch a criminal investigation into whether Clemens committed perjury during his testimony on Feb. 13.

Citing three lawyers familiar with the matter, the newspaper said that Clemens' accuser, Brian McNamee, was not included in the letter, prompting speculation that the committee has concluded that the trainer's testimony was truthful.
I know that since this report is coming form the New York Times it is very suspect, but if the Old Grey Hag managed to accidentally report this accurately, Mr. Clemens may have a very rocky 2008 ahead of him. It's not a good thing to have congress send the Department of Justice after you. As Martha Stewart found out in her insider trading case, judges don't like you lying about your activities to investigators.

Does anybody really think the Mrs. Clemens was taking HGH but not the Rocket? From the same trainer?

Maybe the prison team has an opening for a starting right hander.

Speaking of Mrs. Clemens, that party at Jose Canseco's house that her husband denied being at? Well, it appears Debbie Clemens and Canseco's then-wife Jessica were comparing boob jobs at said party.
Congress is believed to have received new evidence over the past 10 days that may further undermine Roger Clemens' sworn testimony that he did not attend a suddenly notorious 1998 party at Jose Canseco's South Florida home.

The Daily News has learned that in the days since the Feb. 13 public hearing on steroids in baseball, another major leaguer has informed congressional investigators that Clemens often joked in the clubhouse about a memorable account of the party - a scene in which Debbie Clemens and Canseco's ex-wife Jessica compared the results of their surgical breast enhancements.

The new revelation adds to the probability that Congress will make a criminal referral of the matter to the Justice Department, which lawyers on both sides have told the News was always a likelihood.
Care to retract that story, Rog?

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