Friday, February 22, 2008

Now That The Fantasy Has Died, Paulnuts Turn Their Ire on Congressional Opponent

You knew these nutcases wouldn't just go away quietly, right?

With no more Internet polls left to spam, they've now turned to harassing The Only Man Who Was Going To Save America's congressional opponent in Texas.
He expresses confidence he will dispatch his primary opponent, Chris Peden, a certified public accountant and city councilman from Friendswood, about 20 miles south of Houston. Mr. Peden says that while Mr. Paul may be a celebrity candidate with a zealous following, he hasn't been an effective legislator.

Mr. Peden's candidacy has irked many of Mr. Paul's ardent supporters. Mr. Peden says his family has been harassed in phone calls, emails, and in person at their home to a point where the Pedens have filed complaints with local police and sent their two youngest children to stay with his parents until the primary is over.

What the hell is wrong with these people?
Mr. Peden said he doesn't believe Mr. Paul or his campaign had anything to do with the harassment; Paul campaign manager Mark Elam confirms that, calling the actions of some supporters "unfortunate."
Yes, it's unfortunate. Just like Paul's appearing with white supremacists was unfortunate and appearing on radio with 9/11 Troofers was unfortunate.

Always an excuse.

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