Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter Soldiers Part Deux

For those unfamiliar with the term Winter Soldiers, it was originally coined to describe service members, and as later revealed but ignored, non-soldiers who delivered a series of testimonies to a "panel" fronted by folks like John Kerry, to bring discredit to the service members fighting in the Vietnam conflict.

This charming piece of propaganda even had enough influence to get into the Congressional Record mainly on the efforts of Kerry, who then rode this bit of traitorous activity all to the way to his own seat in the Senate and then a presidential bid.

Well, there is an equally vile group today named the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) who are going to stage their own version of these hearings for the current generation of service members and undoubtedly are hoping for the same outcome. There is no doubt they will present story after gut-wrenching story of the horrors of war designed to do one thing--tug at the heart strings of all who hear them while portraying our service members in the worst possible light.

Obiter Dictum has quite a bit on this issue.

The IVAW also follows one of the other rules that may be applied to all liberal causes. The surest clue that a website or blog is run by a liberal is that it will have the tag rather then the more common ending. The other hard and fast rule is that any story involving a Dem in a scandal will omit the party affiliation until the middle or the end of the story.

So if the party affiliation is not in the first paragraph. the rule of thumb is that it is about a Democrat.

Back to the IVAW. Their latest attempt at the Winter Soldiers hearings is going to be March 13-16 in Washington, DC, and no doubt just like in a previous generation, they are going to try and get their 15 minutes of infamy in front of Congress and, who knows, the next senator from Massachusetts could be presenting their case to a sympathetic congress.

A lot of the antiwar groups who have veterans among their ranks are starting to make noise again. Another one of these groups is Vote Vets. I implore everybody to keep your eyes and ears on these groups and do not let them hide behind the shield of being a veteran, which they view as a victim shield, from getting any traction or credibility.

They do not have the best interests of service members or veterans in mind. They are political action groups pure and simple who have aligned themselves with the most far left groups in this country. One other piece of interesting information. The IVAW, Vets for Peace and Vote Vets get funding from something called the Inavale Foundation. Do a search engine search for the foundation. Let me know your results.

Obiter also has a letter for the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee along with the contact information for the senators who sit on this committee.

Instead of paying attention to these bitter publicity-seeking malcontents, might I suggest that your time be better spent attending a meeting of the Vets For Freedom Heroes Tour.

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