Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rough Justice: Psycho Crackhead Who Shot Six NYC Cops Gets Shanked

Boy, how time flies. I remember this incident like it was yesterday.

This was back during the beginning of the crack epidemic that decimated New York City and the incident led to massive racial polarization that later climaxed during the disastrous Dinkins administration.

This maggot was represented by those enemies of society, William Kunstler and the odious Lynne Stewart, who now should soon be rotting in prison for aiding terrorists.

Anyway, jumping forward to the present day, this piece of garbage is dead.

Justice finally has been served.
A Bronx man notorious for a 1986 shoot-out with the NYPD has been killed in prison.

New York State prison officials say Larry Davis, 41, was stabbed to death Wednesday night at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Ulster County.

A prison spokesman says Davis -- seen above in a 2002 jailhouse interview with NY1 --was stabbed multiple times throughout his body.

Another inmate is being questioned in connection with the killing.

In 1986 Davis wounded six police officers in a gunfight inside a Bronx apartment building. Police had been searching for him in connection with the killings of several drug dealers.

Davis, however, claimed police were after him because he knew about NYPD corruption.
Here's a Wikipedia page. Note how the media accounts omit the fact he changed his name to Adam Abdul-Hakeem while in the joint.

Here's an interesting account relating a story of a run-in with Davis back in the 1980's, which also points out Davis committed a murder while in prison, a fact omitted from current news accounts from what I can see.

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