Friday, February 22, 2008

Comrade Fidel Wants To Go On Vacation

The poor old fossil is tired. Nearly 50 years of murder and repression can wear a guy out.

I hear Hell is lovely this time of year. See if you can book a nonstop flight.
Fidel Castro said Friday that he's relieved to be stepping down as Cuba's president, complaining that the process of selecting Cuba's next government "had left me exhausted."

After nearly a half-century in power, Castro announced Tuesday that he wouldn't accept another term when parliament selects a new government on Sunday.

"The night before, I slept better than ever," Castro wrote in a newspaper column. "My conscience was clear and I promised myself a vacation."
You mean to tell me this thug actually has a conscience?

The goon had planned to take a break for ten days, but like your typical leftist, can't keep his filthy piehole shut for any length of time.
Fidel Castro said he had planned on taking a break from his newspaper columns for at least 10 days, but decided: "I didn't have the right to keep silent for so long."
He did take the time to ridicule Barry Obama and The Pantsuit.

I have to admit, here I actually agree with him to an extent.
"'Change, change, change!' they shouted in unison. I agree. 'Change!' But in the United States," he wrote. "Cuba changed a while ago and will continue on its dialectical course."
Indeed, that change mantra is also getting on my nerves.

You do have to love this Orwellian doublespeak from the AP hack.
Castro remains head of the Communist Party, the only political faction tolerated in Cuba.
Uh, if there's only one party, where's the tolerance?

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