Monday, February 25, 2008

Greenpeace Freakazoids Breach Heathrow Security

Very comforting to see how easily security at one of the world's major airports can be breached.
Four Greenpeace activists climbed on top of a jet at Heathrow today in what was described as an "incredible security breach".

The two men and two women posed as staff at Terminal 1, wearing high-visibility jackets and carrying fake ID cards.

They waited until passengers got off the flight from Manchester before walking through double doors, crossing the tarmac and climbing the stairs.

The area was ringed by police in a stand-off lasting over an hour after they clambered on to tail section of the British Airways Airbus 320.

Protesting against expansion of the airport, they draped a banner on the tail fin saying "Climate emergency - no third runway" as they gave interviews to the press on mobile phones.

The breach will be an enormous embarrassment to the authorities at Heathrow, which has been targeted by terrorists several times. Security is supposedly at its tightest in the airport's history.

It comes as an investigation showed that a "bomb-making kit" could be smuggled on board a plane despite increased checks following an alleged al Qaeda "liquid bomb plot".
Needless to say, they better get their act together.
If these nitwits can get through this easily, how easy will it be for the terrorists?

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