Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help Wanted at the Examiner

The Examiner is a Washington DC based newspaper whose editor is Bill Sammon. However the website has news from all over and they are looking for some help. Maybe you want to unleash the inner Woodward or Bernstein in you or you have some latent blogger tendencies you want to explore. Visit the site and click on their link if you are interested is looking for dynamic, driven, locally based individuals who have a passion for their local community to join our network of Examiners.

We are building a community of Examiners to focus on specific topics ranging from sports to tourism to local politics. Examiners are local experts who have a voice, knowledge and an opinion.

Think of an Examiner like a blogger on steroids. Examiners will have the tools, platform and exposure to not only report, but build a community of others who share their passion. Are you currently a blogger? Consider becoming an Examiner.

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