Friday, February 29, 2008

Wilders to Critics: Get Lost

You've got to admire Geert Wilders for at least having a pair. It's more than can be said for 99% of the politicans on the planet whose knees wobble with every threat issued by the seething Muslims who don't quite grasp the concept of freedom of speech.
Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen has called on right-wing politician Geert Wilders not to release his planned anti-Islam film. Mr Verhagen is the first member of the cabinet to make a direct appeal regarding Mr Wilders' controversial film plans. The Labour party has criticised the minister's statement as premature, since there is still no clear information about the content of the film.
Well, maybe they can just wait and watch it first, perhaps. Nothing more pathetic than premature capitulation.
Mr Wilders, who is head of the right-wing Freedom Party, has responded in a text message by saying his critics can "get lost".
More from DutchNews.

Meanwhile, the nonstop whining over the Mohamed cartoons continues.
"While they might have a right to publish the cartoons what they are doing is wrong, because they know how offensive it can be to Muslims," Shennawy said. "Personally, I believe that freedom of speech is good and needs to be upheld, but as an artist there is no reason to make something that will offend an entire people, especially now that they know exactly what kind of reaction they will get."

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