Saturday, February 23, 2008

New York Times: We Don't Just Screw Up the News

It hasn't been a good week for the incompetent, biased hacks at the New York Times. Not only have they been lambasted for the bogus hitpiece on John McCain, but now they're being excoriated for screwing up sports coverage.

They're being swamped with emails from outraged readers (likely now former readers) after Bill Keller invited feedback.
More than 2,400 readers swamped The New York Times yesterday with letters condemning its shoddy story suggesting that John McCain had an affair with a female lobbyist - and the angry mob included many Democrats and independents who had been die-hard fans of the paper.

Times executive editor Bill Keller said he was taken aback by the record number of hostile comments - the most ever received by the paper about a story - because the widespread denunciation covered the entire political spectrum.

"I was surprised by how lopsided the opinion was against our decision, with readers who described themselves as independents and Democrats joining Republicans in defending Mr. McCain from what they saw as a cheap shot," Keller said in a posting on the Gray Lady's Web site.
I suspect it was far more. They have a habit of censoring reader feedback, based on personal experience (they don't like me there, for obvious reasons).

Keller isn't the only incompetent hack to defend the smear.
Managing editor Jill Abramson defended the paper's use of two "disillusioned," unnamed McCain associates as key sources.
Abramson is well versed at smearing people. She was one of the authors of the ridiculous book on Clarence Thomas. It appears she's perfectly suited for her job with the Old Grey Hag.

Meanwhile, these boobs are now also being taken to task by the NFL for inaccurate reporting on allegations of the New England Patriots and their Spygate affairs.
The story the NFL wants to see shrivel up and die but continues to cling to life took another turn yesterday when the league refuted a New York Times report that the Patriots were caught illegally taping a Giants defensive assistant during a preseason game back in 2006.

"The report in the Times is inaccurate," Greg Aiello, the NFL's senior vice president of public relations, told The Post in an e-mail.

"The Patriots were not caught taping signals during the 2006 Giants-Patriots preseason game."

Citing NFL executives, the Times stated Bill Belichick's Patriots were caught taping the Giants New York Giants on Aug. 31, a game won by the Giants 31-23 at Giants Stadium. The teams did not play each other during the regular season.
The New York Times: Hopelessly biased, hopelessly incompetent.

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