Friday, March 14, 2008

Canuck Cook Caged in Guadalajara

Here's a little inconvenient fact for folks that constantly go harping on how America treats illegal aliens in this country who actually wind up in a jail cell or constantly whine about Gitmo.
Martin was a chef for Alyn Richard Waage, who was arrested in 2001 and jailed for investment fraud. Five years later, Martin was picked up and detained, although she hasn't been charged with anything, CTV said.
The Martin mentioned is a 51-year-old Canadian woman named Brenda Martin. The prison she is in is in Mexico. So we hold chauffeurs for Bin Laden and Mexico imprisons chefs for investment bankers. So let me see do a little math and she has been held for two years with no charges.
Earlier this week, former Prime Minister Paul Martin visited the woman during an unrelated trip to Mexico. He reportedly talked with prison officials to ask for better conditions for her, as she shares a 9-by-12 foot cell with 11 women.

"Eight of them sleep on the floor so you have to crawl over their heads to get to an outhouse bathroom," she said.
If I was her I would appeal to the Americans and claim ties to the Taliban just to get a transfer to Gitmo.

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