Thursday, March 06, 2008

Caving in to the Horde: RAF Ordered to Not Wear Uniforms in Public

This is just disgusting.

Rather than having military personnel shed their uniforms, perhaps those who they're afraid of offending need some etiquette lessons, if not a slap upside the head.
RAF personnel have been ordered not to wear their uniforms in public after incidents of verbal abuse on the streets.

Troops have been told to keep a low profile in Peterborough after taking advice from RAF police.

The move - which has come to light after a Birmingham man [read Islamist -- ed.] was jailed for planning to kidnap and behead a British Army soldier - was described as a "sad day for the city" by mayor Marion Todd.

She said: "I honestly think it's despicable."

"It's a sad day for the city and for the country when the RAF can't wear their uniforms, particularly when they hold the Freedom of the City honour.

"A small minority of people shouldn't be able to dictate to us, particularly at the moment when we are so proud of what they (the forces) are doing, serving queen and country."

Cllr Todd, whose great-nephew, James Goldthorpe, is currently serving in Afghanistan with the army, added: "The vast majority of people are right behind them and know that they are just doing their jobs.

"This is a slight against them and the many families with young people out there."
Hmm. I wonder if the abuse is coming from mysterious Asian men.

Can't say this is anything new. Back in early January, troops returning from Afghanistan were forced to change their clothes before being allowed to enter the terminal at Birmingham International Airport.

Update: Thanks to Hot Air for the link.

Another item from the Daily Mail details a gallant account of heroism. A shame some feckless pols don't have such courage.

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