Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Client 6 Identified?

Let's see. Disgraced coward Eliot Spitzer was Number 9.

This dude might be Number 6. Could be, they're not sure, but hey, he likes the hookers, so they speculate (Update: If the Telegraph link doesn't work, go here.)

That leaves Numbers 1-5, 7, 8 and 10 left to go.

Keep digging, folks.
The Duke of Westminster is an alleged former client of the escort agency used by Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced Governor of New York, it has emerged.

The Duke, whose £7billion property empire makes him Britain’s third richest man, was accused of paying thousands of pounds to prostitutes he ordered through the London branch of Emperors Club VIP, which is at the centre of an FBI investigation into an international vice racket.

Court papers lodged by the FBI refer to a meeting in London between a call girl known as Astrid and a man referred to as “Client 6”, prompting intense speculation over the identity of the mystery man.

There is no suggestion that the Duke, who is the head of the Territorial Army, is Client 6, but the court documents will bring back unwelcome memories for the aristocrat, whose full name is Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, following a tabloid newspaper sting last year.

Zana Brazdek, then aged 26, told the News of the World that the Duke had paid her £2,000 for sex at a mews house he owns in St Anselm’s Place in Mayfair, West London. He had booked her through Emperors Club VIP.

Miss Brazdek claimed the Duke bragged to her that he knew how to find Osama bin Laden and talked about his Army role and going to Afghanistan.

The newspaper also alleged that the Duke, who is 56, hired three other prostitutes in January and February last year.
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Update: Duh. A commenter asked where Numbers 7 and 8 were. Yes, we need to know who they are. All this talk of money and hookers has affected my brain. Duly updated.

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Update: Life Inside the Emporer's Club.

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