Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Detroit City Council Asks Mayor of Unknown Party Affiliation to Resign

Poor Kwame. Maybe he should move to New York and get his 2010 gubernatorial campaign started.
A defiant Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick quickly rejected the City Council's call Tuesday for him to resign because of accusations that he lied under oath about not having an affair.

"You take a whole day to discuss an issue like this," he said. "My reaction is: This is over. It has no effect. It's not binding. Let's get back to work."
Funny how Democrats always want to get back to work after they've been busted with their pants down while they were supposed to be working.
The resolution, passed 7-1, amounted to a "no-confidence" vote because the council lacks the power to force Kilpatrick to step down.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is investigating whether the mayor and former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty lied under oath when they testified in a whistle-blowers' lawsuit that they had not had a physical relationship.

Kilpatrick has been dogged by media reports about steamy text messages the two exchanged that suggest a romantic relationship.

The mayor said he could not comment on the text messages on Beatty's pager. Beatty resigned from her post in February.

City Council President Ken Cockrel Jr. would like Kilpatrick to do the same. "The message is, it's time to call it quits," he said.

The lone vote against the resolution was cast by President Pro Tem Monica Conyers, the wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers. One councilwoman was absent because of illness.
Did I mention he's a Democrat? May as well, since the story doesn't.

Neither does this report.

Or this one.

Nothing here.

The New York Times actually does mention the word Democrat, but not to describe Kilpatrick.
The only Council member to vote against the resolution was Monica Conyers, the wife of Representative John Conyers Jr., a Michigan Democrat; Ms. Conyers said the Council should have waited until it had more information before voting on such a statement.
Nothing from McPaper, either.

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