Sunday, March 16, 2008

McCain campaigning in Baghdad?

Sen McCain has shown up in Baghdad meeting with their leaders and no doubt trying to get a first hand sense of what is happening on the ground, unlike either of his opponents from the Democratic side who can only come up with pithy comments for consumption by the masses with a single theme. Run away.
I am not a big McCain supporter, Fred Thompson was my man, but I will hand it to him on this one, he isn't just some slickly packaged media darling vainly fighting for face time on the boob tube. He will make it easier to vote for him although these sort of actions will be dimminished if he continues this reaching across the aisle talk he is so fond of. I am sorry John those days are gone. The people on the other side of that aisle are nothing more then a trained pack of pit bulls who have their eyes on one goal and everybody and everything else be damned. They want power, all the power and nothing else will suffice. Until such time as they achieve that goal they will continue to act as a petulent 2 year old when they are told no.

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