Friday, March 07, 2008

Moammar Qaddafi, Real Agent of Change

Down with the struggle for change, yo!

On one hand, I wish this piece of garbage had been vaporized back in 1986, but on the other, he does provide quality comic material.

Behold another agent of change.
Libyan strongman Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi weighed in on America's presidential campaign, specifically commenting on both Democratic rivals' repeated calls for "change."

"I've seen that in America, a candidate who wants people to vote for him keeps talking about change," Qaddafi said earlier this week in a televised address on Libyan TV, an obvious reference to Barack Obama.

"They all keep saying 'change, change,' " he continued, adding Hillary Clinton to his reference. "They want to change America and its current political system. They want to make a change in their lives. They say their system is a failure, that their government is a failure, and that their elections are a failure."

Qaddafi offered up Libya as a model for "change," predicting that "the whole world will return to the model of the republic of the masses, to communes, to popular security, to popular defense, to popular capitalism, and to popular socialism.
Quite a key endorsement for the Democrats.

By today's standards, he sounds like a moderate Democrat.

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