Friday, March 07, 2008

Obama 'Monster' Aide Departs, Ken Starr Unavailable for Comment

I'm really beginning to enjoy this Democrat foodfight between Barack [deleted] Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

The fur started flying Thursday when Clinton's oily spokesthing was dumb enough to compare Obama to Ken Starr.

Then Obama's nutcase adviser Samantha Power called Mrs. Clinton a monster. Not that I disagree with Power much on that, but you do want to watch yourself speaking in public, OK?

Well, she's gone.
A Barack Obama adviser has resigned after calling rival Hillary Rodham Clinton "a monster."

A campaign official told The Associated Press Friday that Samantha Power's resignation is effective immediately.

Power told The Scotsman that Clinton is a "monster" who will stoop to anything to win. She tried to make the remark off the record, but the Scottish newspaper printed it anyway. She apologized in a statement and the campaign decried the remark.
Of course Power should have been gone when it was revealed she wanted to invade Israel.

Meanwhile, speaking of Ken Starr, the New York Post helpfully reminds us why Ken Starr became a public figure back in the 1990s.

* Craig Livingstone, the White House Office of Personnel Security chief, who gained inappropriate access to the raw FBI files of hundreds of officials from former administrations - nearly all Republican. FBI Director Louis Freeh admitted that his agency and the White House had committed "egregious violations of privacy."

* Charlie Trie, the major fund-raiser in the Clinton-Gore '96 re-election effort, who was later convicted of violating federal campaign finance laws.

Indeed, 22 others were also convicted in the probe of illegal efforts to funnel foreign money (primarily from China, Taiwan and Indonesia) into the US election; another 94 either took the Fifth or skipped the country.

* Maria Hsa, who arranged Vice President Al Gore's '96 campaign visit to Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in California - a visit that Gore claimed not to know was a fund-raiser. She was convicted of money-laundering.

* Marc Rich, financier and ex-husband of major Clinton fund-raiser Denise Rich, who got a presidential pardon on the last day of the Clinton administration - despite having fled to Europe rather than face trial for tax evasion.

* Abraham Lincoln - well, the bedroom named after him, anyway. As part of the Clinton fund-raising drive, the bedroom essentially was made available to major contributors for sleepovers.

Of course, a list of notorious names and places of the last Democratic administration wouldn't be complete without:

* Bill Clinton, 42nd president of the United States, who avoided federal perjury charges by agreeing to a fine and suspension of his law license for five years.

And, yes, the perjury was directly connected to Starr's probe.

Democrats doubtless will be delighted to stroll down this memory lane again.


Of course, there's also Norman Hsu, but they can't blame him on Ken Starr.

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