Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama Endorsed by Saddam Hussein Supporter

Another key endorsement for the appeaser. I'm sure he'll be happy to put this one on the resume. Ironic how on the day Obama and the Democrats had a complete meltdown over George W. Bush chiding appeasers, Obama receives an endorsement from perhaps the biggest terror appeaser in the Congress.
Rep. Jim McDermott on Thursday became the fourth U.S. House member from Washington to endorse Barack Obama for president.

The Seattle Congressman told the P-I's Joel Connelly that Obama is his pick because "I am confident as president he will end the war in Iraq and bring our sons and daughters home."

McDermott has represented Seattle for 19 years and is one of the more liberal voices in the Democrats' 235-member House caucus. He is the last House member from this state to declare his support for a presidential candidate.
Not only did McDermott provide aide and comfort to Hussein, Saddam even picked up the tab for his visit to Baghdad.

More recently, this slug was ordered to pay up for eavesdropping on John Boehner.

I guess he's got a thing for guys named Hussein.

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