Wednesday, June 04, 2008

News Flash: Chuck Hagel Is Still Alive

I guess his announcement that he's running for president has been postponed indefinitely. Apparently the only people who have any interest in what he has to say are the media looking to undermine the GOP and John McCain.

Sounds like he's angling for a spot in the Obama administration.
SPIEGEL: But that would mean that you are closer to Democrat Barack Obama than to your own party as far as foreign policy is concerned?

Hagel: Well, that’s right, but I don’t develop my position on foreign policy based on which politicians I support or do not support. I was espousing this position on Iraq and Iran before Obama even got to the Senate.

SPIEGEL: You didn’t follow him, he followed you?

Hagel: (laughing) He has accepted my position and my direction.

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