Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The 9 PM Polls Close, So Where Does This Stand?

Right now there are still the all-important states of Virginia, Ohio and Florida still left to call. The networks rushed to call Pennsylvania at 8 pm, but as of now, the hard numbers only report 3%, but they obviously know something.

At this point, closing are New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Colorado, among others.

Fox calls Wisconin and New Mexico for Obama, North Dakota for McCain, Minnesota and New York for Obama, Michigan for Obama, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Florida too close to call.

If McCain is to have any prayer, he may need to sweep those latter six states.

Fox has now fouled my television screen with that lowlife David Axelrod.

The McCain camp says they need a miracle.

As Ace notes, Michael Barone was on Fox saying Obama WPE's (within precinct error) are 10 points worse than his exit polling numbers, so McCain may have a piece of his miracle there.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, this is probably the final post of mine for the evening and some others might chine in. SO if you're looking for other sites to peruse, you can check back with Ace, Hot Air until Allahpundit begins drinking heavily, Instapundit has ongoing updates, as does The Corner. More on the battleground states here.

At 9:18, Fox called Ohio for Obama, which means this is basically over. And with that, this guy is checking out for the evening.

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