Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GOP Poll Workers Intimidated In Philadelphia; Update: Black Panthers With Nightsticks Block Entrance

By nightfall, I expect a solid 140% of voters to turn out in Philadelphia.

The media always breathlessly report allegations of voter disenfranchisement, but rarely touch stories like this.
GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in at least half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status.

A Pennsylvania judge previously ruled that court-appointed poll watchers could be NOT removed from their boards by an on-site election judge, but that is exactly what is happening, according to sources on the ground.

It is the duty of election board workers to monitor and guard the integrity of the voting process.

Denying access to the minority (in this case Republican) poll watchers and inspectors is a violation of Pennsylvania state law. Those who violate the law can be punished with a misdemeanor and subjected to a fine of $1,000 and sent to prison between one month and two years.

Those on site are describing the situation as "pandemonium" and there may be video coming of the chaos.
Update: Fox is now reporting Black Panthers, once carrying a nightstick, is blocking media and poll worker access. Lovely.

Maybe those Black Panthers are auditioning for Obama's Civilian Defense Force.

The police wre forced to come and remove the thug.

Update: Here's the video.

Via Gateway Pundit.

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