Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Played a Dirty Trick On Himself

After Barack Obama's aunt was found living here illegally, Team Obama and the left reflexively denounced this discovery as some sort of dirty trick to undermine the promise of hope and change.

Well, as it turns out, it was Obama's own autobiography that provided the trail of crumbs for the Times of London. Curious how not a single U.S. media outlet ever bothered to do some investigating themselves.
The trail that led to “Aunt Zeituni”, the relative of Barack Obama who was traced by The Times last week, started with Mr Obama’s memoir, one of the most widely read political autobiographies of all time.

The Democrat campaign has implied that the story might have come from Republican sources – “the American people are ... pretty suspicious of things that are dumped in the marketplace 72 hours before a campaign,” said Mr Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod yesterday.

In fact, the story came from a book that has been read by millions, including just about everyone connected to the Obama campaign.

Dreams From My Father was first published in 1995, and the story of how Mr Obama returned to Kenya in 1988 to trace his roots has become the cornerstone of his political biography. Yet the US media appears to have overlooked the passage indicating that at least one relative of Mr Obama’s had moved to America and might still be there.
Those intriguing passages in Mr Obama’s book were first investigated by The Times during a visit to Kenya in September to interview members of the family, including “Granny Sarah”. Inquiries as to the current whereabouts of Omar elicited only vague responses – and even the suggestion, from a full brother of the missing man, that no such person existed.

This triggered a six-week search, one that would lead eventually to Boston and to Aunt Zeituni. Public record searches found traces of O. Onyango Obama, Uncle Omar’s real name, in Boston. A friend and a former landlady said that he now uses the name Obama Onyango.

In the course of searching for Uncle Omar The Times found a Zeituni Onyango, who also played a prominent part in Mr Obama’s book.
In the end, the discovery of Obama's aunt living in a Boston slum won't alter a single vote, but it's indicative of a lazy media in this country that won't apply the same standards to one of their favorites as they will to a Joe the Plumber or Sarah Palin.

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