Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama Plays Dumb, Pretends He Didn't Know Aunt Was Here Illegally

Why, he had no idea Auntie Zeituni was here illegally, even though she was donating money to him.

I know politicians are trained liars, but this is ridiculous. Obama's media flack Nedra Pickler has the details.
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he didn't know that one of his relatives was living in the United States illegally and believes the appropriate laws should be followed.

The Associated Press found that Obama's aunt had been instructed to leave the country four years ago by an immigration judge who rejected her request for asylum from her native Kenya. The woman, Zeituni Onyango (zay-TUHN on-YANG-oh), is living in public housing in Boston and is the half-sister of Obama's late father.

A statement given to the AP by Obama's campaign Saturday says, "Senator Obama has no knowledge of her status but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed."
So is he throwing her under the bus and claiming she should be deported? I have a hard time believing that. It's a shame John McCain has so little credibility on the issue of illegal aliens, otherwise this would be a goldmine of opportunity. Still, Obama's excuse he had no idea of this woman's status just strains all credulity. The woman was ordered to leave the country four years ago and managed to still obtain government run housing, and her Senator nephew had nothing to do with that?



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