Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'This Is the Future of Journalism'

The New York Times once again misses the obvious. Here they take a look at former newspaper journalists trying to get some notice by running a website that gets, by their estimate 18,000 unique visits a month, which, no offense to these folks, is what a small site like mine can get on a good day. This is what they're calling the future of journalism.

Good grief. And since some of these folks had previous experience at newspapers, well, then they're more credible, of course, than us anonymous amateurs.
Their news coverage and hard-digging investigative reporting stand out in an Internet landscape long dominated by partisan commentary, gossip, vitriol and citizen journalism posted by unpaid amateurs.
Let's see: Partisan commentary, vitriol and gossip? Sounds like your average day on the Times op-ed page. Or, in some cases, what they run on Page 1.

Well, does the Times ever bother to wonder whether some of us also have newspaper experience? Or is that too much for them to comprehend?

Most of us aren't doing this to pay the bills. We're doing it as a counter to the relentless bias brought to us by outlets such as the Times. And over the past several years, those whom they dismiss as unpaid amateurs sure seem to break more news than established outfits.

They still don't get it, and never will. That's why when their stock value reaches zero, we'll still be here laughing at their demise.

Maybe I'll even break that story.

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