Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Too Funny For Words: Tim Robbins Denied the Vote in Fascistic Police State of Manhattan

A chill wind blows.

I don't know about you, but just watching these hapless Democrats today brings a wry smile to my face. Sure, I may have nightmares tonight, but that's more than offset at knowing boneheads like Tim Robbins run into problems at their own polling place. The only thing that could top this is if Senn Penn has the same problem, but he's probably busy fellating Hugo Chavez and mailed in an absentee ballot.
Apparently Robbins has been voting at that polling place for more than a decade, but today his name wasn't on the register. They told Robbins he had to fill out a provisional ballot but he didn't want to do it. An argument erupted between Robbins and the poll worker. Robbins allegedly got loud and the poll worker said he was calling the cops.

Robbins accused the poll worker of trying to intimidate him so he wouldn't vote.
Robbins goes about 6-4, so he's a bigger pussy than I ever imagined if some poll worker intimidated him.

Watch the video here. Is it just me or is Robbins not aging well? He also seems drunk or stoned. Notice how lazy he is to wait because it might take an hour to do it properly.

What's his big hurry anyway? The guy he's voting for has disinvited him from Obamarama.

H/T Ace.

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