Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dems Look to Remove Reagan's Name From Airport?

As we rush headlong toward the Socialist Utopia, it appears Democrats will not only be rewriting history but trying to remove any reference to it.
At Wednesday’s Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board meeting, chairman H.R. Crawford – a former District Council member and Marion Barry confidante – told fellow Board members that he has heard talk on Capitol Hill about yanking former President Ronald Reagan’s name off the local airport and returning it to its previous generic moniker: National Airport.

“It was just a discussion. We’re not aware of anything specific,” MWAA spokeswoman Tara Hamilton later told The Examiner.

It’s clear that the current crop of congressional leaders want no part of Reagan’s grand conservative vision for America, but erasing all trace of his memory from an airport that’s already been named in his honor is about as petty as you can get.
Oh, give them another day. They'll find something even more petty.


Hey, maybe they can just bypass the formalities now and name it after King Obama.

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