Sunday, July 12, 2009

'I Will Not Make Any Contributions to Columbia'

So the folks at Columbia who granted tenure to the Jew-hating creep Joseph Massad thought they were being clever with their sneaky actions.

Well, when donations to the school dry up we'll see how they feel.
Furious faculty at Columbia University claim administrators skirted rules by granting tenure to a controversial Arab-studies professor -- and angry alumni are threatening to withhold donations.

Joseph Massad -- a professor of modern Arab politics who has called Israel a "racist Jewish state," reportedly intimidated Jewish students, and even asked one Israeli student attending an off-campus lecture how many Palestinians he had murdered as a soldier -- got the lifelong teaching gig last month.

Massad's first bid for tenure was denied in the fall of 2007, and the 45-year-old Palestinian-Arab prof has not published any major scholarly work in the past two years, according to critics and Massad's Web page on the Columbia Internet site.

Columbia states a professor can be reconsidered for tenure only in the case of "substantial scholarly growth following the original negative decision," according to the university's faculty handbook.

"I will not make any contributions to Columbia," said Herbert London, class of 1960, who is president of the Hudson Institute. "I used to give money to the school's athletic program, but I no longer have any desire to do so. This is the end of the line."

Geoffrey Thompson, class of 1963, said, "Members of my class are very upset. Some are material contributors, and will want restrictions for any new gift in the future. Joseph Massad is a flash point, a violent one."

Steve Case, who serves on the university's board of trustees, defended the university's decision.
Naturally, a Columbia spokesthing responds with snide smugness.
"I regret that Columbia alumni disapprove of this decision, and I hope they find a way to overcome it," he said.
It's as if they have some problem they need to overcome rather than the other way around.

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