Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama's Adolescent National Security Advisor

Yes, that is Barry O's oldest daughter in that picture with the t-shirt bearing a peace symbol and the article says is the symbol for an organization called Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

My question is, did mommy and daddy influence Malia or is Malia helping daddy make important national security decisions? My question for all of y'all is do you still doubt the radical views of your President in Training Pants?

Malia has only been around Barack for 11 years--yes, that is how old she is--which is hard to believe looking at these pictures, and yet we are expected to believe that people like Jeremiah Wright, whom Barack knew for 20 years, had no effect on his thinking.

Can you imagine the outcry if it was the Bush daughters wearing a shirt like this?

Will David Letterman make any jokes about the Obama kids, now that they are using them as stage props to further reinforce dangerous national security policies which seems to revolve around paying the bullies of the world protection money in the hopes they beat up our friends first? Only problem with that type of policy is that sooner or later you no longer have any place to run and you must finally come face-to-face with your tormentor.

Sleep good America, and may the chains rest lightly upon your shoulders.

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