Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin Resigning As Governor

Just WOW!

I don't know what to say, but I am sure the pundits will have plenty to say and no doubt the long knives will really be out now. I hope the McCain campaign staffers who helped the liberals who filed one frivolous lawsuit after another against her are clinking their glasses.

I listened to her speech and it did truly sound like she was tired of fighting all of these complaints and now that all of them have been cleared she decided to duck out now before the next round could start.

I have been enamored of the governor ever since she stepped onto the national stage, and I believe a lot of the invectives directed at her from those inside the McCain campaign was because this woman cast a long shadow over the their guy, and while she rallied conservatives to turn out and vote, she also served to further show how weak the guy at the top of the ticket really was. Her presence was such that for much of the final months of the campaign Barack Obama wound up running against her, and comparing his non record against her.

She certainly was not deserving of all the hatred and vile actions taken against her family. She is a big girl and I have no doubt she could handle all of the stuff thrown at her, but the attacks on her kids was beyond the pale, and no doubt they will continue for a brief while, but like a wounded bear I hope she is going to retreat and protect her cubs, but when she comes back heaven help those whose have wounded her.

Maybe she won't come back out onto the stage, running for elected office, but like she says she will continue to work as a private citizen to promote change, but whatever the case may be I am pretty sure we have not heard the last of Sarah Palin.

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