Thursday, July 02, 2009

'Supremely Articulate' Obama Losing Popularity

Obama's handlers at the US News and World Report are fretting that their hero is losing popularity and are baffled as to why.

If they need to ask they're beyond help.
President Obama is heading into stormy waters. His healthcare plans have stalled on Capitol Hill; he is being faulted for a shaky response to the post-election violence in Iran; his job-approval ratings are dropping; and confidence in his handling of the economy is ebbing. The warning signs are enough to worry Democratic strategists that Obama may be sinking into a trough that will sap his influence just when he needs it most.

Until now, President Obama has enjoyed a honeymoon with the country and the media (although not with opposition Republicans). This was because the supremely articulate, charismatic Obama presented such a contrast to George W. Bush, who remains unpopular. In addition, voters wanted action from their president in tough times, according to Democratic pollster Geoff Garin, and Obama delivered. In fact, he has moved the federal government into a more activist role than it has had under any other president in years, bailing out the financial industry, taking over much of the U.S. auto industry, injecting vast sums of money into the economy, and proposing huge changes in healthcare, energy policy, and other areas of national life. Finally, Obama is very appealing as an individual, which initially boosted his ratings.
Supremely articulate? I guess they've never seen his Wizard of Uhhhs routine when the TelePrompter isn't working.

Still, why should they worry? Obama can simply declare "I won" and all will be well again.

Although now that they've lost Helen Thomas, it may be time for the White House to worry.

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