Saturday, November 07, 2009

Barney Was Smoking Something Else

Must be great being a Democrat with protected class status. Your boyfriend can be busted for drug possession and it doesn't even make the news for over two years and then you get to just play make believe and weakly claim you had no idea what was going on.
FOX25 has learned that Congressman Barney Frank was present during a marijuana arrest at James Ready's home in Ogunquit, Maine. Ready is well-known for his relationship with Congressman Frank.

According to a police report, police charged Ready with marijuana possession, cultivation and use of drug paraphernalia in August of 2007. Ready admitted to civil possession and paid a fine. The remaining charges were dismissed in 2008.

Sources tell FOX25 that when Frank was questioned he told police that he did not live in the house and that he only smoked cigars.
Cigars aren't the only thing Barney's been smoking, IYKWIMAITYD.

Via Hot Air.

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