Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Democrat Civil War: 'Maybe Anthony Weiner Should Have Manned-up and Run Against Michael Bloomberg'

One of the more shocking results last night was how close the New York City mayoral race turned out. Despite outspending Bill Thompson by 10 to 1, Michael Bloomberg barely squeaked out re-election. Well, now Democrats are asking what if Barack Obama had campaigned for the African-American candidate rather than shacking up with the loser Jon Corzine?
The most nagging question among Bill Thompson's supporters on Wednesday is this: What if fellow Democrats had actually backed - rather than abandoned - him?

In the end, despite polls showing him trailing by 18 points in the final days of the campaign, Thompson lost to Mayor Bloomberg and his $100 million campaign by a mere 5 points.

So what if?

What if President Obama - instead of delivering a squishy, nonendorsement-endorsement of Thompson, after his press secretary couldn't even come up with Thompson's name - had stumped for the man?

"There are a number of people around Bill who felt that he was let down and that, yes, it could have helped if President Obama had campaigned with him," one senior Thompson adviser said last night. "But that's not who Bill Thompson is. He has not been bitter."
It gets better. Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner whined about lack of support from the White House.
“Maybe one of those Corzine trips could have been better spent in New York. Who knows?" remarked New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who weighed his own run for mayor, referring to the White House’s devout attention to the New Jersey contest.
That didn't go over well with a White House official, who managed to pull himself away from a basketball game to offer this:
“Maybe Anthony Weiner should have manned-up and run against Michael Bloomberg,” shot back a White House official, who attributed the night’s results across the board to anti-incumbent fervor.

I love the smell of Democrat Civil War in the morning.

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