Monday, November 16, 2009

Hoffman 'Unconcedes' in NY-23

Well, isn't this interesting? Perhaps the most famous special House election ever may not be over after all.
Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has "unconceded" in New York's special House election after reports that the vote margin between him and Rep. Bill Owens (D) has narrowed.

Hoffman conceded the race on Election Night after learning he trailed Owens by 5,335 votes. But the Syracuse Post-Standard reported last week that the margin had shrunk to 3,026 votes after recanvassing.

Hoffman appeared on conservative commenatator [sic] Glenn Beck's radio show this afternoon. Beck asked the him if he would "unconcede."

"Yes, if I knew this information at the election night, I would not have conceded," Hoffman said. Beck asked him again if he was "uncondeding" [sic] and Hoffman replied "If that’s possible, yes."
There's approximately 10,000 uncounted ballots remaining and overcoming that 3,026 margin will be difficult, if not impossible. But if it at least makes the Democrats fret just a little it could be worth the trouble. Combine that with Hoffman appearing with Glenn Beck and it's a two-fer as far as annoying the left goes.

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