Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Resist the Temptation to Turn This Tragic Event Into the Political Theater'

On Friday Barack Obama and Eric Holder made the fateful decision to turn 9/11 into political theater, as that's exactly what will become of the New York City trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and company. Essentially we'll wind up with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney on trial.

Today Obama has the gall to say this about the terrorist attack at Fort Hood.
President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have completed their probes into the shootings at the Texas Army post, which left 13 people dead.

On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political stagecraft.

"The stakes are far too high," Obama said in a video and Internet address released by the White House while the president he was flying from Tokyo to Singapore, where Pacific Rim countries were meeting.
First of all he can't even bring himself to call it what it is: Islamic terrorism. But he's got the nerve after what he pulled Friday to now call a Congressional investigation "political stagecraft"?

Why are the stakes too high and who are they too high for? You, perhaps, Mr. Obama? What are you so afraid of finding out here?

Seems to me the stakes are infinitely higher that New York City, already a target of terrorism, will become even more so with the absurd decision to bring these 9/11 monsters here.

No, what Obama desperately wants to avoid is having this politically correct nonsense that allowed Hasan to remain in the Army exposed for all to see. He just cannot accept the fact this act of Islamic terror (not a tragedy--terrorism) happened on his watch.

Public show trials for 9/11 terrorists in New York is just peachy with Obama. Getting to the bottom of the Fort Hood massacre? Eh, that can wait.

It seems this abomination is determined to have the lowest rating ever of any president in his first year.

Thanks to Allahpundit for the linbk.

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