Friday, November 13, 2009

Will Holder Associates Profit from NYC Terror Trials?

I'm still trying to figure out a rational reason for the insane decision to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his merry band to New York to stand trial. Then I got to thinking of this post from last February noting Eric Holder glaring conflict of interest with regards to detainees at Club Gitmo.

To quote from the NY Post story at the link:
ATTORNEY General Eric Holder toured Guantanamo Bay this week, a "fact finding" visit prompted by President Obama's "close Gitmo" order.

One wonders if his eyes were open to the facts on the ground - given Holder's evident conflict of interest.

Holder's previous job, after all, was as a senior partner with Covington and Burling - a white-shoe DC law firm that devotes considerable pro bono time to defending the Gitmo detainees. The job paid $2 million a year, and he expects to collect a like amount this year as part of his separation package.

As a senior partner, he undoubtedly had significant input on what kind of charity cases his firm picked up. He surely knew that dozens of lawyers from from his firm were among the 500-plus civilian lawyers representing the 244 or so remaining detainees (on top of military-court-appointed defenders).

Even now, his Covington colleagues continue to allege rampant torture at Gitmo. They're fighting hard to have detainees tried through the US court system - essentially given the same rights as US citizens. And their arguments and plans hinge largely on having Holder issue a bad report card.
Can it be long until we find out some of the defense attorneys in the NYC trials have ties to Holder?

Meanwhile, fallout continues to intensify over today's lunacy.

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