Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama: I Feel Your Pain or Something

Feels your pain, especially during his backswing

Concerned with appearing aloof as he parties and golfs his way to oblivion, the current occupant of the White House channeled Bill Clinton today.
President Obama told a small crowd in Fairfax, Va., on Monday that he would stand in the hot sun with them and “feel their pain.”

He was meeting with a Fairfax family for a backyard discussion on the economy in an effort to improve voter perceptions about his empathy with ordinary people.

Unlike former President Clinton, who famously felt the pain of voters during a recession, Obama has not connected emotionally with voters over their worries and fears.
He then regaled his audience with the tired tale of just recently finishing paying off his student loans. A regular man of the people.

He then quickly dashed back to the White to get ready for a weeklong series of parties that will clearly demonstrate his concern for the great unwashed.

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