Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reporter 'Harassed' By Jets Shows Up at Game Dressed Demurely

Having apparently recovered from her ordeal in the locker room the other day, professional sports reporter Ines Sainz showed up at the Jets-Ravens game dressed like a serious journalist. Seems the Jets were still distracted by her assets considering their miserable performance in a 10-9 loss. Andrea Peyser isn't exactly a fan of hers.
I have zero tolerance for athletes who behave like kindergartners with pituitary problems. But Sainz can't seem to make up her mind. Yesterday, she told a Mexican TV station the guys were just "kidding around" and she never felt offended.


Never mind that she once competed in the Miss Universe pageant and posed in the buff. And that her MySpace page contains one picture after another of this hottie-with-advanced-degrees shot in teeny bikinis, spreading her legs suggestively. I'd still defend her right to work in sports.

But all bets were off the minute Sainz declared herself "the hottest sports reporter in Mexico." This calls into question exactly what she's selling -- her sweat and hard work, or her body parts.

Women have worked long and hard for equality on the playing field and in the locker room.

We don't need a publicity whore to muck it up.

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