Wednesday, December 29, 2010

19 Arrests + 20 Releases = 1 Dead State Trooper

A man with an extensive record of arrests, 19 at last count, including several felony convictions was out on the streets this Christmas holiday from his most recent arrest for drug possession and gun charges two weeks ago shot and killed a Georgia state trooper after being stopped for driving with a busted headlight.
Jail records indicate that Favors has been in the Fulton County Jail a total of 18 times. Most recently, he was booked into the jail on December 11 on charges including possession of cocaine, criminal attempt to enter an automobile, possession of tools for commission of a crime, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. He bonded out of jail on December 14.

Fulton County Jail records show Favors was also in jail on June 26, 2010; March 17, 2010; February 3, 2010; April 20, 2009; December 12, 2008; April 10, 2008; October 7, 2007; July 12, 2007; April 18, 2000; and December 28, 1999.

During a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, investigators said Favors has had at least 18 prior arrests and numerous convictions. According to Keenan, several of Favors’ prior convictions were felonies, and they included possession of a firearm, alluding police, and drug possession.

According to those that have viewed the dash cam recording of this stop the trooper never stood a chance. After wrecking his car while attempting to elude the officer the man secured his gun. As the trooper approached to make sure everyone was alright shots rang out. Three shots rang out in quick succession and one found it's mark in the head of the trooper. There is little doubt that he was aiming for the head since being the hardcore felon he was he knew the guy would be wearing a bullet proof vest.

There was no excuse for this guy even being on the street and now in addition to the killing of the trooper he will once again face many of the same charges he was just arrested on on December 11. Now a wife no longer has her husband and two children have lost their father all because we have a judicial system which hands out second chances, third chances and in this case almost 20 chances. Officer Lecroy only got one.

UPDATED: I found this in another story about the shooting and just wanted to add it.
LeCroy wasn't able to spend this Christmas at home because of work. But his Thanksgiving visit was much longer than normal, Houston said.

“On Thanksgiving the whole family was here, kids and grandkids. We had a houseful,” Houston said. “Chad seemed reluctant to leave. There was a fire in the fire place and he stayed and stayed and stayed until 1 in the morning. We just commented that, that was unusual.”

It would be the last time he'd see his stepson alive.

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