Monday, December 27, 2010

"We're Becoming a Nation of Wussies"

That is not a paraphrase of Attorney General Eric Holder. Good guess though.

No, that is Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, getting into a bit of a spat with a local Philly weatherman over the NFL's cowardly decision to cancel last night's Eagles-Vikings game because of forecasted snow, wind, and who knows what other nasty atmospheric disturbances that would have affected the playing conditions.

Rendell is right, for once in his politically misguided life. Football is a cold weather sport. Snow games in late December are to be expected. Heck, most fans hope for those games! Who doesn't like watching football in the snow?

Maybe the No Fun League is still punishing Philly fans for pelting Santa Claus and Jimmy Johnson with snowballs.

What, was that wrong?

Via The Blaze. Cross-posted.

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