Monday, December 27, 2010

Good News: Alvin Greene Running for Office Again

If at first you crash and burn, try, try again.
Alvin Greene, the unemployed Army veteran who suggested during his failed U.S. Senate bid that making action figures of himself would help create jobs, is running for office again.

Greene paid the $165 filing fee on Christmas Eve to run in a special election for a South Carolina House seat made vacant by the death this month of Rep. Cathy Harvin.

Cal Land, the chairman of the Clarendon County Democratic Party, said Greene entered the race five minutes after the filing period opened. A primary will be held Feb. 15 with the special election set for April 5.
I wonder how his legal problems are coming along?
During the midst of the campaign in August, Greene was indicted by a South Carolina jury for allegedly showing pornography to a college student. He declined to drop out of the race and one of his first campaign speeches lasted a mere 23 seconds.

Greene got into trouble again when a companion of his got into a restaurant altercation with officials from a local Democratic group, resulting in the ejection of Greene and his associates.

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