Friday, December 24, 2010

Great News: Outgoing Accidental Governor Now Pardoning Illegals

Nothing quite says Merry Christmas to New Yorkers than pardoning two dozen illegal aliens while you on your way out of office.
Gov. David Paterson has issued pardons to 24 immigrants with prior criminal convictions, to prevent their deportation.

In a statement Friday, Paterson said his administration has reviewed more than 1,100 pardon applications and found that federal immigration laws are often "excessively harsh and in need of modernization."

Paterson said the 24 people he had pardoned committed offenses in the past but had paid their debt to society and are now making positive contributions to their communities.

In May 2010, Paterson created an Immigration Pardon Panel to collect information and help deserving individuals avoid deportation.
A shame we can't deport the idiot Paterson.

Meanwhile, having also pardoned a convicted killer in a racially charged case, the dunce decided it might be a good time to notify the victim's family.
A day after commuting the sentence of a black man in the racially charged shooting death of a white teen, Gov. Paterson today spoke with the angry family of the victim to explain why he set the convicted killer free.

The governor spoke for almost an hour with Daniel Cicciaro Jr.’s family in a Christmas Eve phone call.

But although he said the still-grieving parents gave him much to think about, Paterson said he had no regrets about cutting short the sentence of John White, who said he was protecting his family from an angry lynch mob in August 2006 when his gun accidentally went off in his driveway, killing the 17-year-old teen at point-blank range.

White was convicted in 2007 of manslaughter and sentenced to 20 months to four years in prison — a fraction of the maximum of 15 years.
As we can all see from the disaster in DC, lame ducks sure can do a lot of damage.

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