Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby, It's Frozen Outside

Just keep telling us how much the planet is warming. The folks with chattering teeth in Europe will surely nod in agreement.
Traditional family walks to help the turkey go down could be off the cards this year as December 25 is set to be the coldest Christmas ever.

The mercury plummeted to -5.9C in Glenlivet, Scotland, in 1996, but the Met Office has now warned freezing conditions could see this record smashed today, with temperatures plunging as low as -12C.

And just as people will be thinking about heading home on Boxing Day, more snow will fall in the afternoon across England and Scotland bringing new misery to those who want to travel.

Weather forecasters say they are expecting 'heavy and prolonged snowfall' in some parts of the country, particularly from the Midlands up to southern and central parts of Scotland.

That will continue throughout Monday when it will head towards the South East and it will keep falling into Tuesday morning.
It feels even colder in Fahrenheit.
And as travellers endured yet another bitterly cold morning, weathermen said that should the icy weather continue, the UK could be heading for its coldest December since 1890.
Phil Jones and the clowns at East Anglia should be forced to spend the evening outdoors as punishment for thier global warming hoax.

Still, the idiocy continues, from the comments.
The gulf stream is blocked with the oil spill that BP created. This has been confirmed by several scientist here in the US. It will have a devastating effect on the US east coast and parts of Europe, including the UK for years to come.
Of course nobody should be surprised that it's cold during the winter. Even Al Gore must have the heat on.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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