Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'We Heard Constant Banging Against the Wall'

This sure sounds like a stable working environment. A doctor who poses for photos with blow-up dolls, constantly hits on you and sends you harassing text messages and accepts weed as payment for services. What could go wrong?
If she weren't a mannequin, this blow-up sex doll might also have filed a complaint against the allegedly pervy doctor who owns her.

When Dr. Edward Kleiner wasn't talking about the size of his penis or offering gynecological exams to the women who worked for him at Beach and Surf Medical in Long Beach, LI, he was following them outside the office and stalking them when they were out with their boyfriends, according to a harassment complaint unveiled yesterday.

One time, "he unzipped his pants and pulled [his penis] out" in the office, said disgusted former worker Samantha Romanger, 21, one of three plaintiffs in the case.

Former office manager Shivon Super, 31, who was fired in October after three years on the job, said, "The sexual harassment didn't start right away, maybe almost a year into my working for him." "I was on salary, so he felt he could text me 24/7. I would never reply to the sexual ones . . . I dreaded looking at my phone. I needed the money, and he would threaten my job if I didn't respond."

Super was eventually fired along with Romanger and Lauren Schlanger, 21, both administrative assistants who said they were terminated for rejecting Kleiner's advances.

The three have filed complaints with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

Kleiner, 51, and his lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Kleiner's lewd behavior was not just directed at his co-workers, according to the complaint, which is a precursor to a potential lawsuit.

Kleiner -- who once brought his blond blow-up doll to an office party -- carried on his crass act with female patients, sending them tawdry text messages, the former staffers said.

On top of all that, he was a lousy doctor who sometimes took marijuana as a form of payment and charged patients for procedures for which he also billed insurance companies, the complaint charged.
Other than that it sounds like a great working environment. Then they fun really began.
But none of those offenses -- not the pinched butts nor the dirty sex talk -- came close to matching their worst day on the job with Kleiner, the women said.

That's when the unmarried osteopath -- who is not a fertility specialist -- instructed a married couple to have sex in the office's only bathroom to produce sperm for an artificial-insemination procedure on the wife, they said.

"We heard constant banging against the wall," Romanger said.

Then Kleiner asked one of the three female workers to accompany him into a room to watch as he injected the sperm into the wife.

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