Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Somali Woman Claims Bias Attack, FBI Springs Into Action

Pardon me if I call BS on this. Why? CAIR is involved, that's why.
A Muslim group says a 20-year-old Somali immigrant reported being attacked with pepper spray outside an Ohio mosque, and that the attacker told her to leave the country.

The FBI says it will likely open a civil rights investigation.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said the attack happened Monday afternoon near the Abubaker Siddique Islamic Center, according to CBS affiliate WBNS.

Saida Said, 20, told authorities that she first noticed a man who appeared to be watching and following her, the station reported.

"I had a bad feeling about the man while I was driving," she said. "He looked at me in a very strange way."

According to Said, the man followed her to the Islamic Center, where he got out of his vehicle and approached her.

"He just started yelling at me, cursing me out," she told WBNS. "Saying he's going to kill me, and saying, 'I'm going to kill all of you, all you guys. Tell the Muslims to go back from wherever they are from.'"

Said, who was wearing traditional Islamic attire, said the man then used pepper spray on her.

"He took the spray and just sprayed it all over me," she said. "Like, all over me. My whole eyes, my whole face, everything."
It's just too convenient that this is already big news in Iran, where they routinely hang and stone women. It's just making news here yet Iran TV already has interviews with "experts" from North America discussing it. Something stinks here, and it's got CAIR's fingerprints all over it.
Press TV: Many thanks for joining us here on Press TV sir. Many say that this is an isolated incident, but is Islamophobia on the rise in North America on the whole?

Zafar Bangash: This attack on this Somali immigrant woman is certainly not an isolated incident. There are so many documented attacks on Muslims in the United States that it defies the imagination. Not only is Islamophobia on the rise, but it has taken a really vicious form in the sense that Muslims are being attacked in the mosques. The US FBI, the secret service, even sends its own agents into mosques to provoke people. So, in fact there is a concerted campaign against Muslims in the United States.

Press TV: Right now you said the Islamophobia is on the rise. What are the underlying reasons that you would point out for the worsening of the situation?

Bangash: Well, first of all the main reason of course is that the United States is involved in a number of wars in the Muslim world (in Iraq, in Afghanistan and it is now extending its war to Pakistan). It is threatening Iran and it is also backing the Zionist entity in attacking the Palestinian people and also instigating trouble in Lebanon. So whatever we tell we see that the United States armed forces are involved in aggression against Muslims. Now they have to therefore demonize Muslims in order to justify their policies vis-à-vis their own people. That is one aspect of it. The other is of course that the United States is currently facing very serious economic problems. Financially, the US is virtually on the verge of bankruptcy. So how does it justify billions of dollars of military expenditure to its own people than there are an estimated 44 million in the United States living below the poverty line. There are millions of people that are living in tents, because they cannot afford homes. The infrastructure is crumbling. So, they have to therefore demonize the Muslims inside the United States as well to scare them, to create this environment of paranoia, to tell them that they have enemies within. And therefore, the US government needs to spend these hundreds of billions of dollars on wars abroad and billions of dollars inside the United States on intelligence gathering, on targeting Muslims and indulging in all these scare-mongering tactics.
All seems so very coordinated. But of course our media will ignore that angle and run with screaming headlines of rampant "Islamophobia" and CAIR will be given a free pass.

There what's alleged to be a surveillance video here, although I have no idea what it's supposed to show other than people pulling in and out of a parking lot.

For a "Somali immigrant" she sure as heck doesn't sound like one:

Just a thought, but if she doesn't want to be "harrassed," why not try to assimilate and not walk around in a beekeeper costume?

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