Monday, December 20, 2010

Obama's Dog Quarantined in Hawaii

Must be a problem with his long-form birth certificate or something.
Even if you're the dog of the president of the United States, you still need to follow the rules. As the Obama family slowly trickles into Hawaii for the holidays (the first lady and first daughters jetted there over the weekend, but the president remains in Washington until Congress wraps up its business), the first dog, who is making his first trip to the island, is subject to the state's quarantine program.

The policy requires a veterinary exam upon landing, and the dog can be released on the same day if previous requirements and documentation have been fulfilled, including a fee, a microchip for identification, a rabies test and two rabies shots in the dog's lifetime (including one within 90 days).
Nice to see the Obamas flying there separately in order to save taxpayer money. Oh wait...

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