Saturday, December 18, 2010

Satanic: Muslim Mother Chops Up Her Daughter

I blame the Koran.
A MOTHER was under arrest last night after her four-year-old daughter was murdered and horrifically mutilated.

The child's disembowelled corpse was found with her heart and other organs cut out and placed in different rooms of the family's flat.

Muslim mother Shayma Bharuchi, 35, was allegedly sitting rocking back and forwards next to the remains of daughter Nusayba in their kitchen.

She was listening to readings of the Koran being played through her headphones on an MP3 player at ear-splitting volume.

The gruesome scene was discovered by Nusayba's father Jerome Negney, 36, when he arrived home at the flat in Clapton, East London, mid-afternoon on Thursday.

Shayma is alleged to have stabbed the child and then dismembered her in a ritualistic-style bloodbath.

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