Monday, December 20, 2010

Stunner: Author of Guide for Pedophiles Arrested

Good thing this happened under Obama's watch. If it happened while Bush was in office we'd be hearing about a gross violation of this guy's civil rights.
The author of a controversial pedophile's guide that drew national outrage last month was arrested today at a home in Colorado on a Polk County warrant for distributing obscene material in Florida.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced the charge against Phillip R. Greaves II shortly after his detectives assisted police in Pueblo, Colo. arrest the author.

"The message is very clear," Judd said. "You're not going to write a book where you violate the obscenity laws of Florida. Clearly, this violated the obscenity laws."

Protests last month over the sale by of the book, "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lover's Code of Conduct," forced the online retailer to remove it from its list.

That's when the sheriff's office first learned about the manual, according to sheriff's spokesman Scott Wilder.

"Greaves mailed what he referred to as his own personal copy of his book, signed, after being paid $50, to an address in Lakeland, Florida, within the jurisdiction of the Polk County Sheriff's Office,'' according to a written statement. "Detectives and attorneys reviewed the book, presented the material to Polk County Judge J. Michael McCarthy, who found probable cause that Greaves distributed obscene material depicting minors engaged in activities harmful to minors."

Child safety advocates welcomed the arrest.

"We believe that it is wrong to sacrifice our children's innocence on the altar of some free-speech argument," said Cris Clapp Logan, a spokeswoman for Enough is Enough, an organization fighting the exploitation of children and promotion of pornography on the internet. "This is an issue that law enforcement at the local and national level needs to take seriously…We would love to see more involvement from the federal government."

It could not be learned Monday if previous copies of either had been sold in Polk County. Judd has received national attention for his crusade against child pornography and arrests of suspects on various sex-related charges.

"Our No. 1 duty is the protection of children," Judd said. "Fortunately, he mailed his autographed copy to an undercover detective and not to a sexual predator."

Polk authorities are seeking extradition of Greaves to Florida.

A 47-year-old former nurse's aide, Greaves told ABC News last month he wasn't trying to promote pedophilia and was not himself a pedophile: "I'm not saying I want them around children, I'm saying if they're there, that's how I want them to [behave]."

Detectives in Pueblo could not be reached this morning. It could not be learned if he has faced pornography-related charges in the past in Colorado.

Greaves wrote and published a previous book, "Our Gardens of Flesh: From the Seeds of Lust Springs the Harvest of Love," according to published statements.

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