Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stupid: Dopey Progressive Group Sets Up 'Where's Christie?' Site

It appears these clowns are going to try and milk this non-story for all it's worth. It's not as if the Governor saw the forecast and skipped town. He was already on vacation when the storm hit the northeast. What was he expected to do? I recall last year after the attempted Christmas Day underwear bombing a member of Obama's crack homeland security team was skiing in Colorado and didn't return for days. For some reason, nobody set up a website asking where he was. But then again, people on our side of the aisle have lives.
A new website is criticizing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's out-of-state travels, including this week's trip to Disney World while a blizzard socked the Garden State. features photos from the Republican governor's campaign trips altered to depict him in a red-and-white stocking cap like the character in the "Where's Waldo?" children's books. It was launched by a Washington-based liberal advocacy group called the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Democrats criticized Christie for not cutting short his family's Florida vacation while parts of Jersey were being buried by two feet of snow.
It gets dumber. They even criticize Christie for having the temerity to campaign for other Republicans. Imagine the nerve!

The chumps behind this are from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which sports a website eerily similar to Barack Obama's Organizing for America. Probably just a coincidence. Ironically, Obama has also been on a very lavish taxpayer-funded vacation the past week but has managed to escape criticism for not rushing back to DC to oversee the snow cleanup. How convenient.

More recently these boobs mobilized for noble cause: Getting Keith Olbermann back on the air after his brutal two-day suspension. To no surprise, they're an offshoot of You'll be shocked to discover George Soros helps pay the bills.

It might be better if these jokers started up a site criticizing Michael Bloomberg. They can call it "Where are the Plows?"

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